Commercial Refrigeration

When owning a business, keeping up with your heating and cooling needs is a must! At TemperaturePro, we offer installation and maintenance options to keep your office building’s environment comfortable all year long. Whether it’s commercial refrigeration or a simple unit check, we will help you keep your business in order with our certified HVAC contractor’s assistance.



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Walk-In Coolers – Installation and Service

Walk-in coolers are essential when running a restaurant or any food-related business. These coolers make or break the success of any food service company. Call TemperaturePro today to ensure that your walk-in cooler is installed and running properly.

Supermarket and Grocery Store Food Preservation

Any restaurant or grocery store relies on food preservation units to run their stores. Freezers and cold displays must work properly, in order to keep food fresh and store-goers satisfied. To maintain a powerful refrigeration unit, call TemperaturePro West Palm Beach today!

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

As a restaurant, grocery store or food-service business, you cannot afford to neglect your refrigerators and coolers.  Maintaining a powerful, working cooler allows you to store your products at safe temperatures. Call TemperaturePro today and ask about scheduled refrigeration maintenance.

We are here to be your business’s FULL-SERVICE, HVAC partner. By choosing TemperaturePro every step of the way, we can ensure that your building’s indoor environment remains comfortable and that your system is running efficiently for years to come.

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