In the early 1960s, The Jetsons debuted on primetime TV, introducing the nation to smart home technology like video phone calls, automatic meal preparation, and talking, cleaning robots.

Some of the incredible tech seen in that famous cartoon exists today. Like people around the world that can chat face-to-face using Skype and FaceTime. And we’ve got Roombas keeping floors spotless everywhere without us laying a hand on the vacuum.

We may not be living in cities in the clouds like the Jetsons do in 2062, but in 2019 we’ve got lots of advanced technology that gives us the ability to control, manage and monitor many aspects of our daily life. And it’s become as simple as looking at our phones.

In particular, new Wi-Fi home automation devices seem to be popping up every day.  Alone, these devices can make our lives a bit easier. But when packaged together, they provide the user not only increased control over the functionality of their homes, but peace of mind.

When I speak about home automation systems, I package together smart home devices that when working together give our customers the ability to regulate, monitor and control the indoor climate AND safety of their home.

As an HVAC contractor, I’m frequently asked if a Wi-Fi Thermostat is actually a good investment. My standard answer is yes, of course. But, when combined with several other Wi-Fi devices you can truly and completely manage and control your home with ease.

Recommended Home Automation Devices

  • Wi-Fi Thermostat
  • Wi-Fi Water Sensor
  • Wi-Fi Door Lock
  • Wi-Fi Doorbell
  • Wi-Fi Indoor Camera

These five devices work together not only to safeguard your home, but they also give you the ability to manage the operation and maintenance of key systems within the home. Here is just a brief description of what these devices can do and how together they can truly deliver peace of mind:

Wi-Fi Thermostat

With this device, you can monitor and manage the temperature and humidity of your home 24 hours a day from any location where you can connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi. With the devices currently on the market, you can also take advantage of features like Geo-Fencing, which allows you to manage the temperature of the house or even individual rooms within the house based on your physical location.  

Simply stated, you can configure this device to recognize when you leave the house and the thermostat will automatically adjust to your climate settings chosen for when nobody is in the house. Then, when you return, the system will automatically revert back to your “at-home” settings.


Wi-Fi Water Sensors

In my opinion, water sensor devices are as necessary as smoke detector. These devices can save you from spending thousands on HVAC repair. With a water sensor installed underneath your air conditioner, air handler, or hot water heater, you’ll be able to know immediately if one of your systems is malfunctioning.


Wi-Fi Door Locks

Smart door lock systems not only give you the ability to remotely lock and unlock your door, they allow you to manage who can enter your home when you are not there. This capability, when coupled with other devices such as cameras, greatly improve the ability of the homeowner to manage access to their homes.


Wi-Fi Door Bells

The new Wi-Fi doorbells have greatly improved this timeless device to not only announce the presence of someone at the home, but to show us who is approaching before they reach your doorstep. You can even speak to someone at your door when you are miles away. This can thwart potential criminals from attempting to access your empty home because they will think you are inside!


Wi-Fi Security Cameras

These new Wi-Fi devices – like the doorbell – have made it possible for homeowners to watch and communicate with anyone who is within the camera’s view.


Do I Really Need Smart Home Automation?

Imagine the following scenario: You’re at work or away from your home when you get a text message that the water sensor in your home located underneath your HVAC air handler has gone off, indicating there is water being detected where it shouldn’t. Quickly, you check the Wi-Fi camera feed which you have setup in the room where the air handler is located.

You can plainly see in the camera feed that there is water accumulating on the floor around the air handler. You immediately connect to your Wi-Fi thermostat and turn off the AC to stop the water from leaking. You then call your HVAC service company and schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician to make the necessary repairs.

Good news! There is a technician in the area and they can stop by in less than an hour. When the technician arrives, he rings the doorbell, which instantly sends you a message on your smartphone. Your able to see the technician standing on your doorstep thanks to your Wi-Fi enabled camera.

Once you have spoken with your technician to verify that it truly is your technician, you activate your Wi-Fi door lock to open the door. You then connect to your indoor Wi-Fi camera to watch the tech diagnose and fix your air conditioning system. When the tech is done, you converse with him over the camera speaker again. As the tech leaves, you remotely lock the door behind him and then reset your thermostat to your preferred temperature settings. Later that day, you arrive home to a cool, comfortable, and dry home. Now that’s why you need a home automation system.

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